Help AllSeasoned to America!

Posted by Vincent - Sunday 7th of augustus 2016

After a successful season and with just one competition ahead we are very pleasantly surprised with the invitation to participate in the World Food Championships in America in November of this year !

Obviously we don’t shy away to take such an invitation and after careful consideration we decided to go for it , we're going to do it, AllSeasoned is coming to America!!

Financially we can’t manage this, unfortunately, on our own, since we have already made a number of competitions, half of them in other European countries and therefore we call on you, our friends.

Help AllSeasoned to America ! The first donations have been received already which made us very happy , but we are not there yet by a long shot. You can help us by clicking below on the donate link PayPal , every little bit helps and we are eternally grateful!

If you don't own a PayPal account but you wish to donate anyway? Ofcourse you can! Transfer your donation directly to our team account: NL19ABNA0598747656 t.n.v. H. Bartels.

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